Does drinking rum before 10am make you a pirate?

03 MAR 2016

Oh yes, would be the answer from Captain Jack Sparrow of Pirates of the Caribbean fame!

From now until June 16 passengers aboard Blue Lagoon Cruises’ Fiji Princess can find out for themselves should they wish to thanks to generous bar tab credits that come with bookings made before March 15. 

The offer is for Orchid cabin bookings for two – the seven-night cruise  nets a voucher valued at FJ$500 (approx. $320 Australian/$350 New Zealand)  while a four night cruise lands a FJD$200 bar credit (approx. $128 Australian/$140 New Zealand). 

And even in Captain Sparrow’s scheme of things that will buy a fair amount of rum!  

So what is the on board tipple to be?  One of the Fiji Rum Company ’s micro-distilled artisan rum liqueurs, or a rum flavoured with the likes of Fiji-grown coffee, bananas, coconut and honey?  Or perhaps a cocktail – a blue lagoon, anyone?  

See here for more.

Separately, Blue Lagoon Cruises is donating and helping to distribute supplies to villages damaged in the recent cyclone.  The aid manifest includes basic food stuffs like  rice, flour and tinned fish, as well as tarpaulins.  Building materials are next.