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Blue Lagoon Cruises - Back sailing from 14 January 2022!

What you need to know about booking and traveling with Blue Lagoon Cruises


Woo hoo, we are back! New sailing dates released!

With the border announcement now made, Blue Lagoon Cruises will return to international sailings from the 14th of January 2022. There will be limited sailings available between then and the end of March 2022. From that point, we will return to weekly 3, 4 and 7-night sailings unless demand allows for this to happen earlier. 

For the latest sailing dates, please see the calendar in the booking section of this website here.


Existing bookings or voucher holders

  • Funds currently held for any guests who were due to travel between 01 June 2020 and 30 November 2021 will be held in credit for travel any time up until 31 March 2023. All booking conditions and rates will be honored as at the time of the original booking confirmation and receipt of payment.  Confirmation of new travel dates will be subject to availability.
  • Guests who have booked a cruise under the promotional code ADV25-BLC (or any other non-refundable promotional rate) are advised at the time of confirmation of these being non-refundable promotional rates. All funds received will be held in credit for guests to use on any scheduled departure through to 31 March 2023.  Confirmations of new travel dates will be subject to availability.  All bookings and rates will be honoured as at the time of the original booking confirmation and receipt of payment.
  • Rebooking - Please kindly make contact with your Travel Agent or our Reservations Team (if you booked directly with us) as soon as you are ready to rebook your new cruise date - we suggest doing this as soon as possible - dates can still be changed without any amendment fees.


Fiji border entry requirements as of 11 October 2021

  • All visitors 18 years and older to Fiji will need to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19
  • Proof of vaccination and a negative PCR test no more than 72 hours prior to departure will be needed on arrival in Fiji
  • As part of Fiji’s reopening of borders, there are requirements for international visitors to be met within the first two days of arrival in Fiji. At this point in time, Blue Lagoon Cruises understands that guests will be able to check-in and depart aboard Blue Lagoon Cruises within the first two days however this remains subject to change based on the Fiji Government’s border reopening protocols.
  • Blue Lagoon Cruises operates to remote outer islands in the Mamanuca & Yasawa Islands. Our itinerary and ability to operate is on the basis these islands are included within the travel-safe areas. The travel-safe areas will be updated by the Fiji Government on a weekly basis, and should they impact Blue Lagoon Cruises, guests will be notified accordingly prior to departure.
  • A negative COVID-19 test result on day 3 will be required to travel outside of the guest's arrival hotel


COVID-19 Safe Policy on Blue Lagoon Cruises

  • All customers who are 18 years and older must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 as well as any children as stipulated by the Fijian Government at the time of travel. Proof of vaccination must be presented at check-in.
  • All customers are subject to health screening prior to boarding.
  • Face/masks/coverings are required at check-in and as notified on our vessels and islands.


Change your booking at no cost

If you have already selected and booked a date for your cruise, or we are holding an Open Dated Travel Credit for your booking, you are able to make unlimited changes to your cruise departure date and one (1) change to the guests’ booking name(s), provided the changes are made within 14 days prior to travel with Blue Lagoon Cruises. Any change of date or changes to a guest name(s) must be made in writing to quoting the original booking reference and guest name(s) provided at the time of booking.  New dates will be confirmed subject to availability.


Cancelling a booking

For all bookings other than those made on any Non-Refundable Cruise Fares
All cancellations must be in writing to Blue Lagoon Cruises, and the timing shall be based on the day of receipt of such notification by Blue Lagoon Cruises.

  • More than 60 days prior to departure          Forfeit the deposit unless transferring to another date
  • 31 to 60 days prior to departure                   Forfeit 60% of the applicable fare
  • 0 to 30 days prior to departure                     Forfeit 100% of the applicable fare

To discuss options to cancel a booking that was made prior to 01 April 2020 and has already been deferred (except those on a non-refundable cruise fare) please contact our reservations team via email;


Our Peace of Mind Guarantee reduces the risk

For all bookings made from 01 May 2021 onwards, we will offer you a full refund or a future travel credit if any of the following circumstances apply within 30 days from your confirmed departure date*: 

1.     Local authorities within customers’ home country or state do not allow outbound travel internationally, cruise travel or Fiji closes its borders within 30 days of the customers’ confirmed departure date. Local Authorities are restricted to State Governments, Federal Governments, and organisations or departments. E.g. Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT).

2.     Customers are required to travel to a hotspot location en route to Fiji / via any stopover point that is part of your itinerary/flight path (hotspot locations as defined by the WHO). Only applicable if no other route is deemed safe to travel^ (e.g. If Hong Kong is a hot spot, but customers are still able to travel safely via Dubai, then this clause no longer applies).

3.     Customers are required to quarantine in either Fiji and/or your country of residence/nation of origin or en route at any stopover point that is part of your 
itinerary / flight path. Only applicable if no other route is available for you to travel^ via (e.g. If Hong Kong requires quarantining prior to continuing your journey, but Dubai does not, then this clause no longer applies) Costs relating to quarantine are the responsibility of the traveler. *Click here for full terms and conditions for this policy.


Vinaka from The Team at Blue Lagoon Cruises