Applicable for travel from 06 June 2022

What you need to know


1st of June 2022 

Blue Lagoon Cruises is writing to advise our valued guests and trade partners that with the price of fuel now at record levels, and some 63% ahead of the same time last year, Blue Lagoon Cruises has made the decision to implement a fuel surcharge for all those departing with us as of Monday, the 6th of June 2022, and until further notice.

The fuel surcharge to be implemented will be FJ$15.00 per person per cabin night and will be charged to guests’ cabins to pay onboard at the conclusion of their cruise (along with other incidentals or items enjoyed while cruising with us).

In implementing the amended fuel surcharge, we’d like to thank our guests, and our trade partners, for their understanding of our need to recover a percentage of these increased fuel costs.  We also ask that our Terms & Conditions are noted as follows “While we try our utmost not to increase our prices, this is sometimes outside our control. On that basis, we reserve the right to amend our prices although amendments should occur only in the instance of increases in our costs to deliver the cruise such as but not limited to, fuel costs, government taxes and charges, exchange rate fluctuations, and ground costs beyond the control of Blue Lagoon Cruises and which are deemed material to operations.”

Blue Lagoon Cruises are committed to reviewing the fuel surcharge monthly, and we will only continue to implement the fuel surcharge as the price of fuel in Fiji justifies us in doing so. For those that aren’t aware, the price of fuel in Fiji is set by the Fijian Competition & Consumer Commission on the 1st day of each month and is based on a range of factors including the price of oil globally.

Vinaka from The Team at Blue Lagoon Cruises