Sail to uninhabited tropical islands, anchor at our very own private beach in the Blue Lagoon, spend countless hours lazing on golden beaches and swim, snorkel or dive in crystal clear waters.

Unique To Our Fiji Cruises

Small ship cruising with only 32 cabins

Authentic experiences with 100% Fijian crew

Plenty of time spent both on & off shore daily

Our own private beach at the Blue Lagoon

Adults only (limited family departures available)

“Made lifelong friends”

Great experience! An intimate setting with an outstanding crew. The food was great & all the daily excursions were free and part of the cruise.

“You wont want to leave”

Fantastic trip, amazing crew, lots of swimming, adventures. Glorious beaches, food, and crew on board were excellent. Didn’t want to leave.

“The time of our lives”

We had the best time of our lives. We did a 4-night cruise but will come back for the 7. The awesome crew will make you fall in love with Fiji.

“Authentic Experience”

The crew were incredibly friendly and so accommodating. It was an amazing way to see the Fiji Islands as an authentic experience. Highly recommended.

“Started as strangers, left as friends.”

Our 7 night cruise started with 60 strangers on board and finished with 60 new friends. We loved the islands, Fijian people, singing, snorkeling, and beaches.

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