Blue Lagoon - Nanuya Lailai

Nanuya Lailai is part of the Yasawa Island group and is located north of Nanuya Levu, which served as a location for the film The Blue Lagoon, separated by a narrow channel.
Famous for its beauty, the area in the Yasawa Islands, known as the 'Blue Lagoon', is ringed by islands with soft rolling peaks. Coconut palms line the whitest sandy beaches you have ever seen and the water is a mix of aqua and turquoise, so stunning that you’ll want to dive right in and discover the coral reefs below!
It was in this region that the original movie 'Blue Lagoon', starring Jean Simmons was filmed. Blue Lagoon Cruises was named after the movie and of course, the famous remake of the same movie in 1980 starring Brooke Shields and Christopher Atkins.
We are privileged to own land on Nanuya Lailai Island right on the Blue Lagoon. Our Captain backs the vessel almost onto the beach while the crew secures the vessel by tying her to the coconut trees – an activity not to be missed at our own little piece of paradise on our 4- and 7-night cruise itineraries. We consider Nanuya Lailai to be one of the treasures of the Fiji Islands.