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Use your special famil rates

Make just one booking and you're eligible for special famil rates. Please contact your local sales executive to discuss famil opportunities.

Earn points towards a free cruise

When you book a client on a Blue Lagoon Cruise, you'll be given a booking confirmation number from reservations. Simply login to this site, click on 'Confirmation Numbers' and enter your number(s) and click SAVE. Note, your previously entered numbers will show up on this page, so you'll get to see your progress towards earning a free cruise! 

When you've earned enough points to qualify (10 travelled Blue Lagoon Cruises Bookings for Retail Agents & 20 travelled Blue Lagoon Cruises Bookings for Wholesale consultants), our sales team will be notified. They will then check all your confirmation numbers are correct and that clients have travelled, and then approve you for your free cruise! This will show up under 'Approved numbers'. You must speak to your local sales executive to arrange your cruise.

Order Blue Lagoon Cruises brochures

Click to request Blue Lagoon Cruises brochures, for 

Need a Blue Lagoon Cruises update?

We'd love to give you an update on what's new with Blue Lagoon Cruises. Please contact your local sales executive:

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North America/Canada and rest of world
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