How do I pay for purchases while on-board?

For your convenience, all purchases on-board are charged to your account for settlement at the end of the cruise. Drinks and any other purchases (massage and additional activities such as diving) are put on to a cabin tab and at the end of each day after dinner, passengers sign their daily bill to acknowledge all is correct.

Bill payment is made at the end of the cruise just before disembarking. All major credit cards are accepted on-board as well as Fijian dollars.

You may wish to have some small change and notes available for buying souvenirs at the village market. Your cruise director can assist you with this if need be.  Please note that there are no banks or ATM machines in the Yasawa Islands. Tipping is not required on-board Blue Lagoon Cruises. However, if you wish to offer gratuity as a gesture of thanks for services rendered, your tips will be most welcome.

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